Tuesday, 11 January 2011


I'm not going to be a dick today.
I have been Reaganing all day long. If you are unfamiliar with this term you will need to watch more 30 Rock. In fact I am going to have to insist that you do. It's very funny.
Today started with an appointment I did not really want to go to. It turned out fine.
On the way home we stopped into a little antique shop in town. We have passed it many times but it has not been open on any of these occasions and we are far too disorganised to make a special trip.
"What did I find?" you ask with baited breath.
Well it's going to be a typewriter you know that much!
Today I became the proud owner of a 1927 Corona 4 in Channel blue. The machine is in very good condition and even came with the original manual and paraphernalia all typewriters were sent on their merry way with all those moons ago.
The pictures if I manage to post them will speak wonders. I have pissed about with them and used HDR on them just for fun.
The wonders of the little paradise of old wonderment did not end there though. The young girl running the shop had in her lap a tiny baby Bull Terrier. Well already emotional at my wonderful find I could not resist; I gave this puppy my face which she seemed to enjoy as she poked and prodded it with her tiny puppy hands and wonderfully ridiculous bull dog nose.
At home my 8 stop ND filter had arrived. Lots of shots of milky seas to come.
Then I won an Underwood 5 on ebay for £5.50. An item I placed a very low bid on a week ago and forgot about. Now I have to simply make it to Maidstone to collect it. Any one up for a mini road trip?
It does not end here though my dear friends.
I was worried that I had missed UPS delivering an LED panel for a dell laptop that is in for repair. As soon as I started to worry there was a ding and a dong at the door, the kind hearted UPS driver had come back to try again.
Wait, no stop wait its not over, my raging Reagan of a day just continues to flow.
I made an amazing roast dinner for my dear Wheeze and it was of course: lovely.
If only Reagan could see me now, I'm flying daddy, I'm flying!

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